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In the past, most axle failures have been a result of poor welding, how do you guarantee your welding is done right?  


All of the welding on our axles is performed by state-of-the-art automation equipment which ensures precision and consistency. This ensures accuracy in our welding process. With our quality control system, each axle goes through ultrasonic inspection for quality assurance before moving on to the next step in the manufacturing process.

I had grease liquify due to brake overheating, how do you guys keep that from happening?


All of our brake drums are designed with “cooling fins” which help the brakes and brake pads cool off faster. In addition, we only use high-end automotive-grade grease with a dropping point over 500 degrees Fahrenheit which ensures the grease will remain at the desired viscosity.


Bearings are the most critical components in the axle since they bear all the weight of the trailer. There have been bearing failures in the past which in turn causes the axle to fail. What does Terran Axle do to ensure this does not happen with your bearings?

Most axle manufacturers do not purchase the brake drum and bearings from the same source. In a perfect world, all bearings/races should be interchangeable from different sources, but there are quality differences. Our hubs/brake drums come from one source and have our own Terran Axle bearings/races installed.


How do your bearings compare to those used in other brand axles?

Our Terran Axle brand automotive grade bearings are currently being used in OEM automotive applications worldwide.


What kind of finishes are on your axles?

The exterior and interior of our axle tubing are finished with a protective e-coating that creates an extra layer of durability and superior corrosion resistance.

Do your axles come with spring seats? Am I able to purchase spring seats separately from you if I prefer to weld them on my own?

All of our axles include spring seats that are welded on within a one-tenth of a millimeter degree of accuracy. We can deliver the springs seats separately. However, we recommend that you allow us to weld the spring seats to ensure accuracy in even weight distribution as we have seen customers complain that other axle manufacturers’ spring seat placements are not precise, potentially causing uneven weight load.

I am a trailer manufacturer and have uncommon axle sizes. Can you help with this and meet my axle needs?

Yes, we can. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows for customization to meet your axle needs.


Are your axles compatible with other popular axles?


Yes, our axles are compatible with most other axles sold in the United States. As long as you order the same capacity, hub face, and spring seat length, they are interchangeable.


Do you sell replacement parts?


Yes, we provide replacement parts.


I have noticed that U-bolts are the first things to rust on the axle. Do you have any solutions to prevent rust?

Yes, we have heard about this issue. Our U-bolt kits have a special anti-corrosion coating that extends the life and gives a clean finish to your U-bolt kit.

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