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March 8, 2022



Westchester, Illinois (March 8, 2022) - Terran Axle received global certification of its trailer and recreational vehicle running gear from QAI, an industry leader in standards testing and certification services. QAI certification will help Terran Axle expand its reach in North America and beyond. With QAI’s announcement, Terran Axle becomes one of only three companies in the U.S. axle industry with this certification. 


"QAI is pleased to announce that Terran Axle LLC obtained a QAI Listing for their ST35 (3500lb) trailer running gear.  QAI Listing of trailer running gear to the CAN3-D313 standard demonstrates compliance with the trailer running gear requirements of NFPA 1192 'Recreational Vehicles' and CSA Z240 RV Series 'Recreational Vehicles' among other standards.  Visit the QAI online Listing Directory for the most up to date Listing of Terran Axle LLC products,” said Kent Adamson, QAI President.


“By working in cooperation with QAI, a leader in trailer and recreational vehicle testing and certification, we have achieved a significant milestone with our axles receiving global certification. This is the result of Terran Axle’s commitment to quality, drive to provide the highest quality axles in the industry and the diligence and innovation of our team,” said Lu Alleruzzo, co-founder of Terran Axle.


Terran Axle provides our customers with durable and high performing trailer and recreational vehicle axles for customers throughout North America. QAI certification means that Terran Axle’s 3500lb running gear assembly meets global standards in terms of technology, quality and safety. It is a validation of Terran Axle’s competitiveness in the industry.


About QAI

QAI Laboratories is a leader in certification, testing, and inspection of regulated products to safety and performance standards.  The QAI registered certification logo provides officials and consumers with assurance that products certified by QAI meet the standards referenced on the label.  QAI strives to provide its clients with timely and tailored product approval services to meet their individual compliance needs.  For more information about QAI, please visit the website or contact an office in your area:



Founded by a team with decades of automotive and recreational vehicle industry experience, Terran Axle provides premium quality axles at competitive prices to our customers. Our products meet exacting standards tailored to customer specifications using high quality materials and advanced manufacturing technologies. Terran Axle products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials under our limited warranty.

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